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Delivering amazing smiles to the residents of Saratoga Springs, Utah is our passion. Consider us the source for all your smile needs and experience transformational dentistry yourself.

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Nu-Smile Transformations

Nu-Smile Transformations

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Exceptional Dental Care

When you visit NuSmile Dental, you’ll walk into an ultra-modern and beautiful practice and be greeted warmly by our friendly and caring staff and dentist. From eight state-of-the-art operative rooms designed from top to bottom to an in-house lab, we believe in leveraging the best technology to provide the best possible dental care. We like to emotionally connect with each of our patients because delivering optimal care is about more than cutting-edge technology – our goal is to deliver stunning smiles and restore oral health with a compassionate and friendly touch.

Meet The Doctor

Meet Our Doctor

In-House Lab

In-House Lab

We invested in a CAD CAM 5-axis milling unit to deliver ultimate convenience to patients and greater precision when creating custom dental crowns and dental implants. The milling machine enables efficient fabrication of crowns, bridges, and dental implants in-house. This truly amazing technology provides the ability to design, mill, and fire high-quality restorations under one roof, including creating a full arch dream smile in just one visit.

High-Tech and Kind-Hearted Care

Our experienced and considerate cosmetic and family dentist in Saratoga Springs, UT always strives to provide exceptional dentistry and patient care. Combining small-town compassion with evidence-based dentistry, Dr. Jeremy Thompson offers a full spectrum of preventive and restorative services dedicated to improving the oral health and general wellness of patients of all ages. From your first appointment to completion of services, you’ll notice we deliver a different kind of dental experience. With large TV screens in every operative room, a money-saving membership program, and free consultations and second opinions, everything we do at NuSmile Dental is patient-centric because we genuinely care about you.

The Art of Dentistry

Dental Implants

While Dr. Thompson has 20 years’ experience placing dental implants, he always strives to advance his skills. Intensive dental implant training at the WhiteCap Institute coupled with guided implant surgery, bone healing protocols, and sedation dentistry enables providing state-of-the-art dental implants in Saratoga Springs, UT to people with missing teeth. If you have failing or missing teeth, severe jaw bone loss, or complete tooth loss, full mouth dental implants  will provide a significant and dramatic transformation. At NuSmile Dental, we love restoring smiles to optimal health, function, and appearance.

Dental Veneers

The process of placing composite or porcelain veneers starts by removing a small portion of enamel from your teeth to enable veneers to fit perfectly. We offer Lumineers®, a proprietary brand of porcelain dental veneers applied individually over each tooth that enable maintaining as much of the original tooth structure as possible. Lumineers are digitally designed to be ultra-thin and crafted to mimic the translucent anatomy of natural teeth. With minimal maintenance and maximum longevity, porcelain veneers are a beneficial and hassle-free option for restoring the proper size, shape, and alignment of teeth.

Same-Day Crowns and Bridges

At NuSmile, we always try to save teeth if possible and crowns and or bridges are often an ideal solution for many patients. Crowns are porcelain or ceramic “caps” for your teeth that conceal cosmetic and functional damage. Dental bridges are created from two or more custom dental crowns fused together. Our in-house milling machine eliminates the need to send out crowns and bridges to a dental lab. Instead of preparing a temporary crown and waiting two weeks to receive the permanent crown, patients walk out of our office the same day with natural-looking and durable new teeth!

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