Why Should I Consider Getting Dental Implants In Saratoga Springs, UT?

a digital model of full mouth dental implants being placed.

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Have self-esteem issues or feeling embarrassed to interact with others because of missing teeth? Millions of people experience tooth loss and the consequences that missing teeth have on their oral and overall health.

With dental implants in Saratoga Springs, UT being a great solution, it has given many patients a reason to enjoy a new and improved smile. A trusted dentist can help patients decide between single or full mouth dental implants to give them a beautiful new smile!


What Are Dental Implants?

When patients get dental implants placed in their mouth, they will have a post, an abutment, and a replica of their natural tooth. The dental implant is secured to the patient’s jawbone, allowing the implant to function like the natural tooth. Between advanced technology and a dentist who uses specialized techniques to place dental implants, patients can experience the best results that can last a long time with proper care.


The Benefits Of Dental Implants:

  • Comfortable
  • 99% of teeth function restored
  • Prevents bone loss in face and jaw
  • Longevity and high success rate
  • Can eat favorite foods
  • Can keep normal hygiene routines


Types Of Dental Implants

Single tooth implants and full mouth dental implants are available to patients at a modern office in Saratoga Springs, UT. Single tooth implants are usually used when one tooth to three teeth are missing throughout the entire mouth. If a patient has more than one tooth in the same area that is missing, the dentist usually recommends full mouth dental implants.

Depending on the patient, same day single tooth dental implant treatments can be performed. Also, patients can get a temporary single or full mouth implant while they are waiting for the permanent teeth to be done. With temporary dental restorations, patients can eat and do their normal day to day activities in comfort and aesthetic appeal.

About The Practice

Achieving a new smile with dental implants is only possible with the expertise of a knowledgeable and well-educated dental professional. This permanent solution requires the precision of a skilled implant dentist, and their advanced surgical technology, to optimize treatment outcomes and long-term success.

An experienced team of dental professionals in Saratoga Springs, UT handles routine cases as well as failed dental implants that need complete restoration. With their vast expertise, specialized training, and advanced technology, dental implants will help patients experience improved health, function, and confidence for a more enjoyable life!


What To Expect

 Dental implants can support a single dental crown, dental bridge, or a full arch of missing teeth in a patients upper or lower jaw. Dental implants can also be used to increase the stability of a modified denture, which snaps securely to the implants placed in the jawbone.

At a dental office in Saratoga Springs, UT, they offer immediate or two-stage dental implants, full arch or sectional bridges created from high-quality zirconia, and implant-supported dentures.

For provisional implants, they craft the restoration from a biocompatible material called PMMA that looks natural and offers full function. If additional implants are needed to support a full arch, they often do so at no extra cost to the patient because we’re committed to providing the best outcomes possible.


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Are you ready for a great new smile with dental implants? Get in contact with Dr. Jeremy Thompson and our team of skilled professionals at our NuSmile Dental office to schedule an appointment today!

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