It May Be Time For You To Get Implant Supported Dentures In Saratoga Springs, UT?

a graphic image of an implant supported denture model. the prosthesis is hovering over where the dental implants are displayed in the jawbone.

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Wearing traditional dentures can be a bit of a headache at times. When patients are ready to get a proven alternative to traditional dentures, implant supported dentures in Saratoga Springs, UT, could be the best solution for them. Dental health is an important part of overall health, and implant supported dentures can play a major role in restoring the health of a patient’s smile.

There are many advantages to getting implant supported dentures. Continue reading to find out what they are.


How Is An Implant Supported Denture Procedure Performed?

Implant supported dentures in Saratoga Springs, UT, are a type of denture that is supported by dental implants. The dental implants, two or more, can be strategically placed in the upper or lower jaw.

Once the dental implants are accurately and securely placed, the denture can be placed on top, giving patients a brand-new smile. Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures are very stable and do not slip or fall out.

What’s more, before the implant supported denture procedure even begins, patients can get treated with sedation dentistry so they can have a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure experience. When patients come to a high-quality doctor, they can get treated with advanced technologies and techniques that will give them the accurate and minimally invasive procedures they need and deserve.

The Benefits Of Getting Implant Supported Dentures

While traditional dentures only restore a small part of a patients biting and functional powers, requires repair and constant maintenance, and can be inconvenient, it is not the case with implant supported dentures. When patients get treated with implant supported dentures, they can look forward to experiencing many of its benefits.

The benefits of getting treated with implant supported dentures include:

  • Improved jawbone health
  • Greater stability for eating
  • Won’t slip, loosen, or fall out
  • The customized denture is supported by two or more dental implants
  • The denture is made from acrylic or porcelain material.

With implant supported dentures, 60% of the patient’s dental function is restored. Implant supported dentures can restore this much of the patient’s dental function, because of the way it is strategically placed in the patient’s jawbone.

The dental implant post is made to act like a natural tooth root. When the dental implant post is placed, it fuses with the patients jawbone in a natural process called osseointegration. Once the implant post has fused, it stimulates the jawbone, making it healthy and strong enough to support the implant supported denture for years to come.


Get Your Implant Supported Dentures With Us 

Are ill-fitting dentures getting in your way? Our caring and experienced office can give you a more stable and lasting smile with implant supported dentures. If you are ready to restore your smile with this state-of-the-art procedure, you should come to our office. Get in contact with Dr. Jeremy Thompson and our skilled team at our NuSmile Dental office to schedule an appointment today!

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