Do Advanced Technologies Help Place Dental Implants In Sarasota Springs, UT?

an elderly couple smiling at each other as they eat corn because they were able to get their dental implants accurately placed with advanced dental technologies.

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Replacing missing teeth and unsalvageable teeth with dental implants requires advanced training. The process can be quite complex, especially in the case of more complicated dental implant procedures. This is why a skilled and trusted doctor will use advanced technologies to accurately and predictably treat patients with dental implants in Sarasota Springs, UT.

There are many types of dental technologies that are used to precisely treat patients with dental implants. Continue reading to learn more about the types of dental technologies that can be used to treat patients with dental implants.


Which Types Of Advanced Technologies Are Used To Place My Dental Implants In Sarasota Springs, UT?

The types of dental technologies patients can get treated with for their dental implant procedures are digital x-rays, CBCT scans, DIO technology, and the in-house milling machine. The following is how each type of dental technology specifically helps the doctor place the patient’s dental implants.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer immediate two-dimensional images of a patient’s mouth. Not only do digital x-rays require very little radiation to work, but their pictures can be uploaded onto computerized software immediately. The doctor can see all the features of the patient’s mouth right away and make note of any dental concerns that are found.

CBCT Scans

Along with digital x-rays, CBCT scans are invaluable assets for any dental implant placement treatment plan. CBCT scans are three-dimensional and show the doctor how the structures of the patient’s mouth interrelate with one another.

The CBCT scan also gives minimal radiation exposure and the images taken with it can be uploaded instantly. Together, digital x-rays and CBCT scans can show a doctor exactly where the jawbone is strongest and can most easily support a dental implant post.

DIO Technology

DIO technology utilizes specialized software and high-quality dental implant materials to improve surgical efficiencies, optimize placement accuracy, increase patient comfort, and promote post-placement healing. With DIO technology, the patient can get the exact new smile they need and want.

Milling Machines

The in-house milling machine at a quality doctor’s office can take a raw material and turn it into a customized temporary fabrication, such as a life-like prosthesis. When the doctor uses the in-house milling machine, they can shorten patient treatment times while still providing outstanding milled fabrications and restorations.


See Us Now So We Can Place Your Dental Implants With Advanced Technologies

Whether you are interested in replacing a single missing tooth or all the teeth in your upper or lower arch with dental implants, we encourage you to come to our advanced and state-of-the-art office. With accurately placed dental implants, you can restore the look and function of your smile for years to come.

Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Jeremy Thompson, Dr. Joseph Jarman, and our exceptional team at our NuSmile Dental office to schedule an appointment today!

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