Can A Full Mouth Reconstruction Fix An Overbite?

Oral Surgeon Undergoing A Full Mouth Restoration

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Dealing with any level of dental impairment, discomfort, or aesthetic issues can be quite discouraging and bothersome in. These can include seriously harmed teeth, missing teeth, misalignment of the teeth, overbites, or jaw disorders such as temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) disorder. As such, you may be very interested in finding out the best solution to remedy any of these issues you may be experiencing. Dental restoration can bring back a renewed sense of self-confidence, beauty, and functionality. Fortunately, a dentist in Saratoga Springs, UT can guide you to the best restorative option for you, as there are several to choose from, including a full mouth dental reconstruction with dental implants. 


What Does A Full Mouth Restoration Entail?

Full mouth reconstruction is highly complex and can be applied via several different methods and procedures, including tooth extractions, occlusal adjustment, scaling and root planing, dental implants, and full or partial dentures.

Some of these procedures associated with Full Mouth Reconstructions are:

Tooth Extractions

While it is always best to save dental tissue, sometimes the only solution is to remove a badly decayed, infected, cracked, or failing tooth and replace it with a bridge or dental implant. Sedation dentistry may also be offered to ensure your comfort during this procedure and other full mouth reconstruction treatments. Depending on the location of the tooth that needs to be extracted and your anxiety level, you can choose between nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV moderate sedation.

Scaling And Root Planing

If you have gum disease, this is treated first before initiating any type of restoration procedure. This non-surgical treatment involves a two-part deep cleaning. Scaling removes all the plaque and tartar above and below your gum line, down to the bottom of the gum pocket. During root planing, plaque, tartar buildup, and bacteria are removed from the roots of your teeth, smoothing any rough surfaces.

Dental Implants

Dental implants permanently replace one or more missing teeth. The titanium post is surgically placed in your jawbone and functions like a natural tooth root. After the post fuses with your jawbone, a customized restoration (tooth crown) is attached to the post with an abutment. Dental implants restore 99% of normal function, beautify smiles, and improve oral health and confidence.


The Benefits Of A Fully Restored Smile

  • Replaces missing or failing teeth
  • Strengthens the function of teeth
  • Restores your smile to its natural beauty
  • Eliminates sensitivity when eating and drinking
  • Reduces or eliminates tooth grinding and clenching
  • Alleviates discomfort or pain with mouth movements
  • Eliminates gum disease, decay, and infection
  • Lessens bad breath caused by gum disease or decay


Choosing The Right Dental Professional!

Dr. Jeremy Thompson and the skilled team at NuSmile Dental in Saratoga Springs, UT have in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and oral structures and years of experience creating customized full mouth reconstruction solutions, including overbites, that reflect their belief in tooth preservation and conservative techniques. Dr. Thompson’s expertise coupled with state-of-the-art dental technology enables the team at NuSmile Dental to deliver full mouth reconstruction that restores the health and beauty of your smile!


Get Your Overbite Fixed Today With Full Mouth Reconstruction In Saratoga Springs, UT!

There’s no need to go one more day without a beautiful new smile. Call Dr. Jeremy Thompson in our office by Saratoga Springs, UT to schedule an appointment and get started today!

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