Jodi C.

Thanks Dr. Thompson, You and your team are super professional, you definitely care about high standards and took the time to make my filling replacement perfect. The office manager is top notch, she is tech savvy, cordial, accommodating and organized. Also, Coy, the dental hygienist, is thorough, efficient and friendly.

Vicky T.

My visits to your office are always welcome relief from the stressful things in life! It's like getting together with friends or family to solve a problem; it may take more than one meeting, but we are on "the road"! Love you all!

Margaret S

What can I say, Jeremy is the best! I’ve been coming to him for many years. He has an exceptional support staff also.


Sometimes going to a dentist is not much fun, but the staff at Thompson Dental always make my visit a pleasant one. They are all very friendly, and show me that I’m important.

Dennis & S

Terrific office staff & Jeremy is the greatest!! Thanks for all you do.

Sheila B

We come to see Dr. Thompson from NV, that’s how much we like him. He is always very accommodating of our time. His staff is so friendly and I have never gone to a dental office before where they treat you like family.

David J

Very friendly staff. I like that everyone was very attentive. Great atmosphere.


I love Thompson Dental!


They were very professional. The staff really care about your teeth. I received excellent care and left feeling good about my teeth. I will definitely go back to Thompson Dental.

Jan A

Dr Thompson is very professional and he evaluated my dental needs promptly and fairly. I am really impressed so far.

Gloriah L

I really appreciate the friendly care and excellent services. Thanks so much Thompson Dental and staff.

Mark S

Thompson Dental is incredible. Friendly, caring staff which has the patient’s comfort as a top priority. I actually look forward to my appointments.

Beverly K

I have been a patient of Thompson Dental for many years, and have always had a good experience there. The doctor and his staff are the friendliest I have ever encountered in a dental clinic. I love all of them.

Roselee M

Dr Thompson is a perfectionist. My smile on top looks amazing because of him.

Denise S

The very best Dentist and Dental experience I’ve ever had! Every time I see them- very caring Doctor and Staff.


Great service and care. Friendly staff and caring Dentist. I wouldn’t consider anywhere else.

Tim M

If you are looking for a great dentist with an awesome staff, look no further, because you have found them here. I cannot say enough good about every aspect of their service and care. Dr. Thompson is an artist that has transformed my teeth into a work of art. I have been complimented over and over again for my smile and perfect teeth. Thank you so much for fixing my teeth, changing my life and putting up with my dry sense of humor. Wonderful people!

Tim M

I have sjogrens (absolutely no saliva) which was destroying my teeth. Dr. Thompson saved them! My teeth are the best they’ve ever looked. All I need now is a new face and I could be a movie star. To bad he doesn’t do plastic surgery. I actually have fun going to the dentist. They put up with me teasing them. Great service and he has helped with the cost. The staff are all good people. I highly recommend Dr. Thompson and his staff.

Faye T

Friendly caring dentist and staff. Melanie has a beautiful smile and is delightful to talk to. Kathryn is pleasant and especially gentle and thorough with her cleanings. Jeremy is nice, and he’s focused and fast and gives the best shots ever! Can’t even hardly feel them. Lovely office with interesting colorful pictures and restful atmosphere. Good job everyone!

Gillian T

I used to be terrified of the dentist having had some extremely negative and painful experiences in the past, but thanks to the expert and gentle hand of Doctor Thompson, I have gained faith and courage in his abilities to help me without fear and with little discomfort. I was incredibly self conscious of my smile after having an accident when I was younger and some poor dental work that added to my insecurities. Dr Thompson reshape my entire smile and has given me a whole new look, and greater confidence to share my smile with others. I’m not embarrassed to smile anymore. In addition to this, I also love going for my 6 month check up to get my ex-rays and cleaning, knowing that I won’t have any cavities because he has taught me the best personal dental hygiene as he specializes in teaching prevention. Thank you, THANK YOU Dr Thompson and your whole team for blessing me and my family! You and your team are amazing and always make me laugh … without the need of laughing gas!!”


Definitely the BEST Dentist I’ve ever been too!


The staff was amazing and so friendly. Dr. Thompson was super fast and very efficient. I didn’t even know he was giving me the numbing shot until he pulled the syringe out of my mouth and then didn’t even realize we were finished until he said we were. All in all, amazing and definitely going back for my other dental needs.


Dr. Thompson and his staff are amazing! I’ve struggled with dentists my whole life and Dr. Jeremy Thompson changed my opinion. He is very knowledgeable, competent and kind in his treatments and gave me my dream smile. He treats his staff very well and they of course pass it on to the patients. Overall a great experience.

Margaret S

They got me in right in. Jeremy’s my favorite dentist, so I’m somewhat prejudice. He’s very efficient and careful when it comes to making sure I’m sufficiently numbed up,which is important to me. His work on my teeth is always top notch!


Knowledgeable, good bedside manner, and great staff.


I was in and out — So fast and friendly :)

Tom Pearce

The appointment was wonderful I can hardly wait until my next time. Everyone is so kind and caring. Merry Christmas to you all. 


They were quick and very kind.


Top quality service. I’ve been going here and bringing my family for over ten years




I love the people that Dr. Jeremy Thompson Dental has to work on my mouth.


Catherine was awesome!


Jeremy is truly a phenom! His work is incredible!


Very personable. They call you by name, like your family. Very comfortable atmosphere. They communicate well whether it is a procedure they are going to perform on you, or a future plan for your health. You are in the driver’s seat.

Dr. Thompson is great! He has a focus on natural dentistry (Biomimetics). My 12 yr old daughter (late bloomer) was very afraid of having one of her stubborn baby teeth pulled and getting that numbing shot, but between Dr. Thompson and Kathryn, his assistant, she was made to feel at ease. On top of that, Dr, Thompson’s skill and patience with the actual shot was amazing! Apart from the small prick she felt, he administered the med so slowly that there was no painful zing like oral shots normally give. They were respectful and so cheerful. We had hoped to start braces, but after the X-rays we found that she needed more serious work, so he referred us to NATURAL or “functional” orthodontists! Skilled, natural, AND honest! I’m bringing my other kids here!


I have the highest opinion of Thompson Dental. The Service is excellent, and his assistants are very sweet, doing everything to make us comfortable and have a good experience. Thank you, Dr. Thompson and staff.