Preventative dentistry involves good and consistent oral care habits, regular dental cleanings and checkups—all designed to assure that disease and decay are kept at bay. We work very hard to educate our patients on proper brushing and flossing techniques, the importance of a healthy diet, and why regular dental visits are critical in the prevention of cavities and dental disease.

Bacterial Cavity Screening & Treatment

By determining your risk for tooth decay, we will work with you to help prevent cavities and disease before they occur. A bacterial test is fast, painless, and inexpensive. A sterile swab is used to collect a sample of the bacterial material on your teeth. This sample is critical and gives us a way to measure of your risk for tooth decay!

If you are at risk, he may suggest altering your oral hygiene routine and/or diet. We may also prescribe rinses, to lower the concentration of bad bacteria and raise the pH in your mouth. Also, your mouth will feel cleaner and fresher while using these rinses. Call today to schedule your checkup and cavity screening.

Hygienic Treatment

Regular hygienic treatments should be done for everyone over the age of five. Of course, the frequency of hygiene appointments will be determined by your risk factors. For most, twice a year is completely adequate, while others may need to see the Dental Hygienist three or even four times a year. Our professional, gentle hygienist will evaluate your dental health including your gums for periodontal disease--one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Our hygienist is specially trained to identify, prevent and treat gum disease. Of course, we prefer to help you maintain optimal oral health so you never have to worry about gum disease. However, if you have periodontal problems, NU SMILE is here to help!

If we find cause for concern, we may make a few personalized recommendations—such as a change to your oral healthcare routine or the products you use at home. We may also suggest additional periodontal therapy, which may include:

  • Removal of tartar from below the gum line
  • Root planing to smooth rough root surfaces where plaque builds up
  • Arresting antibiotic treatment to reduce bacterial infection

Oral Cancer Screening & Treatment

Oral cancer kills more people nationwide than either cervical or skin (melanoma) cancer. When oral cancer is detected in late stages, as is often the case, the five-year survivability drops to only 50 percent. One American dies every hour from oral cancer. The most common risk factors are tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and exposure to HPV-16 (human papilloma virus). The combination of smoking and drinking is the most dangerous. Studies indicate that individuals that are heavy user’s alcohol and tobacco use can have as much as a 100-fold increase for developing oral cancers compared with those who don’t drink or smoke. Some other risk factors include prolonged sunlight exposure and a diet low in fruits and vegetables. At NU SMILE we know that oral health is critical to your overall health—that’s why we will work with you to help you understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Dental Sealant Treatment

Many people have deep pits and grooves in their teeth where bacteria and food particles can hide and cause decay. Cavities can start to form in these hard-to-clean grooves. Sealants provide a protective resin coating that reduces the risk of decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth and create a physical barrier to plaque—making them highly effective in preventing tooth decay. The American Dental Association recognizes dental sealants as a key means of cavity prevention.

Dental sealants are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of a filling. They can be placed quickly and painlessly. Ask us about the advantages of dental sealants for you and your family today!